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Take your picky eater grocery shopping!

Picky eaters may be more interested to try something new if they are involved in food selection and preparation. Here's what you can do with your kids at the grocery store.

Mealtimes with picky eater can be challenging!

Most of us have fond memories of tagging along to the supermarket with mum and dad to get fresh supplies for the week’s meals when we were little. Believe it or not, kids actually love to be involved in the grocery shopping process. Parents can also use the trip to the supermarket to teach their little ones about healthy eating, which should be initiated during the early years. When you expose your kids to the different types of food at a young age, they are more likely to have a positive attitude towards food as they grow older. This also helps your picky eaters to be open towards trying new foods that are crucial for their growth and development.

Ask you child for help in selecting healthy foods while grocery shopping.

1. Protein power
Take your kids through the fresh meat section and point out the various types of cuts that are on display. As meat may not look visually appealing, you’ll just have to be creative by spicing things up when talking about the different types of meat. You can relate a certain type of meat to their favourite food (e.g. “This piece of chicken would be prefect for a Chicken Cheese Fillet. Shall we whip this up for dinner?”)

2. Veggie delight
The good thing about vegetables is that they come in bright, happy colours. You can use this to tempt the tastebuds of your picky eaters. Let them pick and feel the various types of vegetables at the supermarket, and ask them for suggestions on what you can do with those vegetables. Try to get them involved in the food preparation at home as much as possible. They are more likely to try the food that they have helped to pick out and prepare earlier on.

Tempt your picky eater’s taste buds with colourful veggies!

3. Fruity fresh
Kids tend to be more open towards eating fruits due to their attractive colours and pleasant taste. At the supermarket, get them to help pick out the best-looking fruits. You can also take this opportunity to tell them an interesting fact about certain fruits – e.g. how a banana gets ripe faster when you place it in a closed bag.

4. Goodness of grains
The great thing about grains is that we can enjoy its benefits through a variety of food such as wheat, rice, oats, barley and cereal. When grocery shopping with the kids, point out foods that are in the grains category, and pick some out for the week’s meals. Let them have some hands-on experience in scooping out the grains into individual bags and have a little quiz with them on what grains can do to the body (e.g. Keeping our digestive system healthy and ensuring that we have the energy to run around and play).

Fussy milk drinkers? Try giving flavoured milk.

5. Got milk?
Milk is a nutritious beverage and should be an integral part of a child's diet. If your picky eater dislikes milk, you may wish to try introducing flavoured milk. Walk along the milk aisle in the supermarket to pick out a carton of milk that comes in their favourite flavour.

One great choice would be PediaSure Ready-to-Drink which comes in 2 great flavours – vanilla and chocolate. Specially formulated for picky eaters, this nutritious drink is filled with protein, vitamins and minerals, giving your kids all the nutrients that they need to grow strong and healthy.