Philosophy of Feeding Children |

Philosophy of Feeding Children

Parents are responsible for what, when and where their children eat. Parents should ensure the nutritious food is available at regular intervals whether the child is at home or away. Children can decide how much they want to eat, but a variety of healthy foods should be there to choose from.

Build healthy eating habits
You cannot always monitor what your child is eating, especially, when he goes to school. What you can do is be a good role model, practicing what you preach. Eating habits formed in early childhood can last a lifetime. Good eating habits do not 'happen'. They must be learned.

When you give your child a variety of nutritious food options and limit their access to low nutrient foods, you help them learn to make nutritionally sound food choices.

A day or a week of poor food choices may not significantly affect your child's health, but eating unhealthy for a long time may result in overweight, malnutrition or stunned growth.

Feeding tips

  • Regularly offer food from all four main food groups
  • Teach your child the importance of each food group in supporting growth and development
  • Encourage children to help prepare foods, set the table, serve the food and clean up afterwards
  • Make meals interesting and attractive by including a variety of colours, flavours textures and shapes
  • Keep fats and sweets to a minimum
  • Do not offer another serving of a food when the child is already full (notice the child's body language)
  • Be sensitive to your child's unique needs and preferences (each child's personality and tastes in food are different)
  • Show your child how to read food labels and determine portion sizes
  • At restaurants, help your child order appropriate portion sizes
  • Never use food as a reward or punishment
  • Do not let a child use food to gain attention
  • Be a good role model for your child by eating smart

Top 3 mistakes parents do while feeding school–going children

  • Resort to bribery to force kids to eat
  • Offer giant–sized portions
  • Let kids eat whatever they want